Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology

  The field and domain of Oral medicine is a sister concern of General medicine wherein the Knowledge imparted is focused in relation to a whole spectrum of infections and disease conditions and not merely the mouth alone.

Medically compromised Individual such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Renal Diseases, Cardiac patients etc., Requiring Dental attention to multitude of their problems which reflect in their mouth report to the Oral Physician.

Our department boasts of having the latest gadgets such as Planmeca Digital ProMAx and Semi-Digital Orthopantomogram and cephalostat with Thermal printer, Radio-visuo-graphy unit, whole body Siemens 100 MA X-ray Unit, Digital IO Xray Machines both Long and Short cones, Intraoral cameras , Digital Pulp Tester etc,.

Cytology and Biopsy Specimen Samples are retrieved in patients requiring Histo-Pathological Interpretation.

The department is actively involved in the Tobacco Cessation Therapy by means of Counseling, and Alternative approaches in the de-addiction of Tobacco, Alcohol etc., Other Pre-cancerous lesions/conditions and cancer identified treated and suitably referred. Various Non-surgical maneuvers are taught and practiced in this discipline.

S.No Name Qualification Designation Mobile/Telephone
1. Dr. R. R. Mahendra Raj M.D.S. Professor & Head +91-9789055848
2. Dr. G. Anuradha M.D.S. Reader -
3. Dr. M. Ramalakshmi M.D.S. Reader -
4. Dr. D. Charanya M.D.S. Senior Lecturer -
5. Dr. T. Vijayavel M.D.S. Senior Lecturer -
6. Dr. B. Chandrakanth M.D.S. Senior Lecturer -

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